Does this sound familiar?

You eat some chocolate and feel guilty immediately because you’re supposed to “be good” and stick to only “clean” foods.

You feel like once you start eating certain foods, there’s no way you can stop, especially at night.

You’ve tried countless diets and you’ve had some short term success but nothing ever sticks and you lose and re-gain the same weight over and over again.

You’re tired of stressing out over food, constantly thinking about what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

You just want to feel comfortable in your skin.

If you’re sitting there saying “OMG! She’s in my head!”, then The Overeating Solution is for you.

What can you expect from The Overeating Solution?

The Overeating Solution is a 4-Week group coaching course that will provide the exact tools and simple strategies you need to QUIT overeating FOR GOOD. Here’s what you can expect:

A FINAL fat-term weight loss solution.

Learn simple strategies to get your mind right so you can stop eating before you reach the point of overeating and feeling stuffed.

A sense of control around food.

Learn how to get your control back over those foods that make you feel so crazy.

An improved relationship with food and your body.

Become empowered about the food choices you make, learn to love how you eat and learn how to show yourself the most ultimate form of self-respect and love.

Less food and body obsession.

Learn to love the way you eat and shift the way you think and feel about food, dieting and your body.

Hi, I’m Lauren, a recovering binge eater and reformed food obsesser who found my way OUT of the obsession a few years ago.I was the queen of “I just can’t stop eating candy once I start!” and “”I’m starting my new diet on Monday so I’ll go crazy this weekend and eat all the stuff I can’t have on the diet.”

I did this for YEARS and it never EVER got me the results I wanted.

It was time to try something different.

I went on a journey of self-discovery and mindset-shifting that changed my relationship with food in a big way.

I tackled emotional eating head-on, learned what it felt like to feel hungry and full, I exposed myself to “off limit” foods daily and saw that I actually could trust myself around them.

I developed a resilient mindset for when I did overindulge, and most importantly I was able to enjoy any and all foods without having to worry about “staying on track.”

Not to mention the 20 pound weight loss that came along with all those other perks!

How it works


THE OVEREATING SOLUTION is a self-paced, 4 week online group coaching program.

There will be a closed, private Facebook page where I’ll be LIVE two times each week (Monday & Thursday at 6pm EST) to either teach the weekly module or do an open Q&A session.

You’ll participate in weekly challenges and complete weekly workbooks to put what you’ve learned to use.

I’ll be sending you 2 emails per week reviewing what’s going down in the Facebook group, including the recordings, workbooks, and extra resources so you can recap as needed.

What my clients think…

“Lauren has really found something that WORKS. I don’t tell people I’m on a diet b/c it doesn’t feel like one. I’m not walking around starving, I don’t feel deprived (with those treats everyday, especially) but I am losing fat and seeing changes in my body. When I really think about it, it seems so simple and makes sense to me. I’m so very glad I decided on a whim to reach out and sign up.”– Michelle L.

“I used to let food control my life- counting calories, placing food in categories and isolating myself from social gatherings until I started working with Lauren. Lauren made it a priority to develop a true understanding of me as an individual to help me overcome these challenges.Her coaching style is real, reliable and without judgment. She used a combination of support and tough love to push me outside my comfort zone and guide me into becoming the person I deserve to be. It took time, patience and perseverance to get to where I am today but I no longer give food all of the power. I enjoy time with my friends and family, and I am a much happier person.” – Nicole F.

Who is it for?

Who is THE OVEREATING SOLUTION specifically for?

This course is specifically designed for women who feel like they don’t have control over food and can’t stop obsessing over what to eat and when to eat. They feel an intense guilt when they eat things they don’t think they should.

The women who join this program will be ready for a FINAL CHANGE in their mindset as it pertains to food.


This is not a course for the woman who wants quick weight loss. There is no diet coaching or meal plans in the program because we’re focusing on MINDSET. In order to feel comfortable around food and feel comfortable with our choices, we need to get our mind right, so getting your mind right has to be the goal.

With the strategies I’ll teach you here, weight loss certainly can happen over time, but that’s simply not the goal of this program.

THE OVEREATING SOLUTION runs from Monday, July 9th through Friday, August 3rd.
The program costs $199 for all four weeks.
Click the button below if you want IN.

The Overeating Solution Curriculum

Week #1:

Emotional Eating: Why we do it and how we can stop

Week #2:

How to shift our stories, identity, values and beliefs in order to make our goals a reality

Week #3:

Self-sabotage- why we do it and how to stop & cultivating a resilient mindset by changing our inner dialogue

Week #4:

Developing confidence, self-trust & self-respect

Strategies we’ll be using throughout the course:

Mindfulness cues to use before, during & after eating

Exposure to “forbidden foods”

Re-writing the Soap Opera replaying in our heads daily

Recognizing our limiting self-beliefs and how to shift them to get to our goals

Forgiveness practices

Why we eat emotionally & how to stop

What it means to “listen to your body”

Shifting your thoughts from self-deprecation to positive affirmation

Building an abundant, resilient, grateful mindset

And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want in, but I can’t afford it.

I hear you! But I would ask you, why is your health not worth the investment? When I think about the stress I used to feel about not being able to lose weight, not liking my body (or myself) and how draining it was to feel that way day in and day out, all the money spent to get out of that personal hell was SO WORTH IT. This will be worth it, too.

I’m not into “mindset stuff. I just want to lose weight. Can you just give me a weight loss program instead?

In short? No. None of my programs come without a mindset aspect to them. Your mindset is the way you perceive things that happen to you. If you tend to have more of a negative mindset, are full of limiting beliefs and have fallen off more diet plans than you can even remember, YOU NEED THIS COURSE. It’s not the diet that’s not working- it’s your mindset around your goals and your approach that’s not working.

You simply won’t be able to sustainably lose weight until you get your mind right. Your thoughts become actions and actions become habits. If you keep beating yourself up for less than ideal nutritional decisions you’ll be stuck in the lose/gain cycle forever. You’ve gotta get on board with getting your mind right and letting everything else fall into place…with my guidance of course 😉

It’s just not a good time for me right now. I don’t have time to commit to a course like this.

When is it ever ‘not a good time’ to FINALLY take charge of your health? Why wait? Why NOT now?

This program is designed to work with the schedule/lifestyle you have right now. You can watch the videos when you have time (no requirement to be there LIVE) and you’ll have 24/7 access to the Facebook group to ask all of your questions.

All in all the program itself will take up 2-3 hours of your time MAX per week depending how much time you choose to spend on the Facebook page interacting with the other ladies.

You have the time- don’t sell yourself short with this kind of excuse!

How will I reach you if I need to ask a question?

You can reach me on the private Facebook page where only members of the group and see and respond to your questions. I’ll be active on the page at least 5 days per week and not one question will go unanswered. I’ll take good care of you, I promise.😉

Registration for The Overeating Solution is now CLOSED.If you’d like to get on the waitlist for the Summer 2018 program, or hear about other programs I run, please add your name to my #FueledFam newsletter