Fueled Physique 5-day Mindset Reset: Transform from stressed and body obsessed to fierce, free and confident!


During the 5-day challenge you will:

▫️MOVE your body for just 15-20 min each day of the challenge with the provided workouts.

▫️ Learn how to start seeing food as fuel instead of something to fear so that you can start to feel more COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT about your food choices and drop the GUILT.

▫️ Begin to develop daily habits that will help you learn to love yourself and your body and feel empowered from the inside out!

▫️ Get the chance to win AMAZING prizes! Winners will be chosen on MONDAY FEBRUARY 19th!




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Helping people find food freedom is what I live for. It wasn’t so long ago that I was obsessed with food and at war with my body. I felt guilty for eating things like candy and pizza and drinking wine, and I was really harsh on my body, constantly picking apart all of my “imperfections.”  In turn, I developed some pretty disordered eating habits and began seeing the scale go up which really freaked me out!

Until one day I just said “enough is enough.” I was tired of living in a food prison. I was tired of being afraid to eat certain things. I was tired of feeling guilty every time I ate something “bad.”

In the Mindset Reset Challenge, I’m going to show you that food is not the enemy. In fact, our struggle with food has very little to do with the food itself and has everything to do with how we think about food and how we think about ourselves.


Let’s break the mold.  Let me show you how a healthy lifestyle can include foods that you love even if they’re on every other “DO NOT EAT” list out there and show yourself some LOVE along the way!😉

When you sign up for the Mindset Reset, you’ll also get discounted access to my 4-week fat loss jumpstart program, Fueled Up Fat Loss, beginning on February 19th! You do NOT want to miss out on this!