You want a workout that doesn’t take over an hour to complete.

You don’t want to have to get a gym membership to get a great workout.

You don’t want to rely on fancy equipment and machines in order to exercise.

You want to get fit and lose weight in as little time as possible.

Years ago I was a big time gym rat.I would be at the gym two, sometimes three, times a day lifting weights, running on the treadmill, taking yoga, Spin, boot camps…any class that fit my schedule, really.

When I started lifting weights more seriously and had a goal of building muscle, the gym obsession continued. If I didn’t have time to finish my 90 minute workouts in one go, I’d split it up morning and night and do a double.If I had a short break between clients I’d go out for a 20 minute run.Even just reading this is exhausting! Hah!

If only I had known then what I know now!

Back then I couldn’t believe that a 20 minute workout could help me shed fat, get stronger and increase my energy since I was so used to spending hours in the gym.

Once I dropped the ego and got my HIIT on:

I never looked or felt better.

My appetite was controlled as opposed to being ravenous 24/7 from marathon workouts.

I dropped 20 pounds and two pant sizes.

My body fat decreased significantly.

This is exactly why I created Metabolic Meltdown

I’m Lauren, founder of Fueled Physique and creator of Metabolic Meltdown. I’ve talked to hundreds of women over my past 10 years in this industry who want to drop excess body fat and increase their energy yet they’re plugging away for hours each week on a treadmill or elliptical and wonder why they aren’t getting results.

Metabolic Meltdown will not only cut down on the time you spend exercising but it can also be done at home, while you’re traveling, while the kids nap, early in the morning before work or later at night after a long day. All you’ll need is your bodyweight and/or a couple pairs of dumbbells.

There isn’t one workout in Metabolic Meltdown that will take you longer than 20 minutes but that doesn’t mean you won’t push yourself. You’ll sweat, you’ll get uncomfortable and you’ll work your butt off (literally!) but it’s over in just 20 minutes.

Metabolic Meltdown is separated into 7 different categories:

Bodyweight Total Body Blasts (12 workouts)

Tabatas (5 workouts)

Sprints (5 workouts)

Dumbbell Total body Blasts (12 workouts)

Legs & Booty (5 workouts)

Upper Body Blasts (5 workouts)

Abs, Abs, Abs (5 workouts)

If you’re using Metabolic Meltdown as your go-to workout guide, you can mix up the workouts and crush it up to four times per week to get great results.

If you want to use Metabolic Meltdown as a supplement to your current program, use the workouts for some metabolic conditioning or to just shake things up.

If you run into an exercise that you’re not sure about, you can find instructions for it in the Metabolic Meltdown Glossary.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, checking in via email, so you won’t be in this alone! Let’s get you going! Click “Get Metabolic Meltdown” to download your copy for $19.