A supportive community of strong women who are ready to tackle their nutrition and fitness goals head-on and support each other along the way.

Living Lean Lifestyle Club is a membership program designed to help women who:

Want so badly to eat well and love exercise but struggle with getting and staying consistent.

Have tried every trick and diet in the book but still can’t shed the excess weight.

Are looking for the solution to living the fit life they’ve always wanted but feel so confused because of all the conflicting info out there.

Need help finding their forever fat loss solution by changing their bad habits and forming new, simple and sustainable ones.

I’m Lauren, nutritionist, personal trainer and founder of Fueled Physique. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for a decade. Even with all the knowledge, education and experience I had under my belt, I spent YEARS yo-yo dieting, living in the gym, obsessing about each and every thing I ate and hating what I saw in the mirror.

I was working my butt off and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. In fact, I was gaining weight and was becoming even MORE obsessed with food and my body. In total transparency, I gained 20 pounds and was bingeing almost daily on pop-tarts, candy and cookies.

It was time for a change.

After a pretty strong wakeup call right before turning 30, I began to shift the way I looked at food and exercise from a place of restriction and obsession to a place of abundance and love. I ditched the all or nothing approach and in turn developed a really simple and balanced approach to nutrition and exercise that has helped me create a life and body that I love.Now I teach the exact strategies I used to women in the Living Lean Lifestyle Club so they can begin to live their healthiest life, too.

What My Clients Are Saying


“Lauren has found something that WORKS. I don’t tell people I’m on a diet because it doesn’t feel like one. I’m not walking around starving, I don’t feel deprived (with those treats everyday, especially) but I am losing fat and seeing changes in my body. When I really think about it, it seems so simple and makes sense to me. I’m so very glad I decided on a whim to reach out and sign up.”

Michelle / current LLLC member

“Lauren’s coaching completely changed the way I think about and execute fat loss and healthy living. I am eating my favorite foods regularly and loving it. The way Lauren catered every aspect of the program to my lifestyle and goals is a testament to how much she truly cares and wants to meet each person where they are at. I am losing fat (~30 pounds!), have a healthier mindset and doing workouts that I enjoy. And the best part is it feels 100% sustainable for the long term! Signing up for Lauren’s program was the best thing I could do for myself.”

Krista / Boston, MA

“After going through Lauren’s program, I have to say… it WORKS! What impacted me the most was the mental/emotional education. I finally understand what hunger means and how manage it, and how to respect myself by controlling my negative thoughts and choices surrounding food and exercise.”


What you can expect from joining the Living Lean Lifestyle Club:

Learn lasting fat loss strategies that actually work– and work forever- without cutting out food groups, without tracking and without counting calories- yes, it is possible!

Get a stronger, toned, leaner body through short and simple workouts I’ll provide for you each month meaning you don’t need access to a gym to get fit!

Learn how to get the body you’ve always wanted by fueling yourself properly and moving your body in a way that feels good for you because nutrition and fitness isn’t a one size fits all thing.

Finally realize no food is ever off limits and realizing that control around all food is possible. Most people are skeptical of this one so if you are too, no biggie!I’ll show you!

Work to let go of any and all guilt around food– even if you overindulge- and realizing there’s nothing that can’t be undone and nothing we can’t fix. Yep, even that vacation bender full of cocktails and desserts!

Engaging with a supportive and positive community of women who have your back and want to see you succeed!

As a Living Lean Lifestyle Club member, you’ll receive:


A one-time 1:1 30 minute goal setting consultation with Lauren.

1-2 Facebook LIVE sessions each week where you can ask any and all questions you have about your goals.

Access to Lauren for personalized coaching in our private Facebook group.

Daily Facebook posts to keep you accountable and keep you moving towards your goals.

A sisterhood of other women ready to support you and hold you accountable in our LLLC community.

Monthly themed challenges.


A 4-week strength training program PDF at the beginning of each month with accompanying videos for each workout.

Access to Physique Foundations 4-week jumpstart guide to exercising for Fat Loss.

A simple video/picture exercise glossary.


Healthy, fat loss-friendly recipes.

Simple fat loss coaching and tools to help you get results.

Ongoing fat loss education.

Access to Physique Foundations 4-week fat loss jumpstart guide.

You’ve tried to go it alone before.


You’ve bought the diet books.
You’ve paid for the meal plans and exercise programs.
Maybe you’ve even jumped on the supplement train and lived on shakes and “vitamins” to get you results.
I did all that stuff,too. 


Now it’s time to do something different- something that works.


In LLLC you’ll never go it alone because you’ll have me and a supportive community of women at your finger tips to support you and help you along the way.
You’ll never have to guess if what you’re doing it going to work because you have me as your coach to guide you.
Something I’m really good at is getting my people results when they show up and do the work.
I’ve been in this industry for almost 10 years and know how to get you to where you want to be.

Is the Living Lean Lifestyle Club for you?

Who is the LLLC for?

Women who have tried it all and desperately want to achieve a healthier lifestyle but need someone to hold them accountable.

Women who need motivation to reach their goals and want to know they’re moving in the right direction.

Women who love a group atmosphere full of other strong women.

Women who are ready to act now and are tired of waiting for the “right” time.

Women who want to learn how to fuel their bodies and minds with proper nutrition, exercise and thoughts.

Women who are ready to love their bodies, how they eat and how they move.

Who is the LLLC NOT for?

Women looking for a quick fix.

Women who are not ready to take ownership of their health.

Women who want to track calories or get a meal plan.

Women who want extremes in terms of diet and exercise and use negative self-talk as a way to motivate.

Chances are, you already have all the information you need on fat loss, living healthy and exercise.


What you need is help taking action.


That’s where Living Lean Lifestyle Club comes in.


I’ll help you take out all the guess work and you’ll have myself and dozens of other women in your corner every step of the way. 


I don’t want you to struggle anymore because I’ve lived the struggle…and it’s miserable.


I don’t want you to have to go at it alone anymore- because that’s not fun either.


Making a lifestyle change is HARD. If it were easy, you wouldn’t be here reading this page hemming and hawing over pushing that buy button.


So let me help you.


You know as well as I do that accountability and an approach that is tailored to YOU and YOUR goals is exactly what you need.


We’re waiting for you.


Come join the club!

The cost of being a LLLC member is $39 per month.

When you join, you get:

> A 30 minute private coaching call with me

> Access to monthly challenges

> Access to 4 monthly workouts and workout videos each month

> Weekly Live training via the private Facebook group

> Unparalleled support and accountability

> Total and complete access to a community that has your back


Just one in-person training session at any gym is a minimum $60 and all you get is that one session.

You don’t have access to your trainer 24/7, you don’t get customized nutrition coaching, on-going support, mindset coaching or everyday encouragement.

With LLLC you get all that and then some. You’ll get instant access to a community that will help you level up, stay accountable, and reach your goals

*After you purchase your membership through PayPal, check the email account that is linked to your PayPal account.  You will receive a confirmation email which you must open and, yep, confirm!  After that you’ll get an email from me just minutes later with all the next steps for LLLC!

Upcoming Monthly Themes

June 2017: Tighter and Toned in 20

July 2017: Eat Yo Veggies

August 2017: Whole Health Challenge

September 2017: Fall Nutrition Reset

October 2017: Whole Health Challenge

November 2017: Holiday Survival Prep- Mindfulness & Moderation

December 2017: Aim to Maintain Holiday Blitz

Frequently Asked Questions

What results will I get?

If you put in the work, you can expect to change the way your body looks, how it feels and learn strategies that will keep maintaining your new physique pretty effortless. It all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into yourself, but most of my clients will lost anywhere from 12-25 pounds in just about 12 weeks.

What happens once I purchase my membership?

Once you check out via PayPal to grab your spot, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription (sometimes the email can go to spam so if you don’t get an email within a few minutes of checking out, look there). After you confirm your email, you receive a Welcome email directing you to the Facebook group and explaining all the next steps!

What happens if I want to leave the group?

You can leave LLLC at anytime and are not locked into a contract. Once you cancel you will be immediately removed from the group and no refund will be offered so be mindful to cancel before your billing date so you don’t get charged.

Do I have to belong to a gym to do the workouts?

Nope! So long as you have a couple pairs of dumbbells (one light, one heavy) handy, you can do the workouts anywhere.

What if I’m just starting out with exercise? Do I have to be a seasoned gym-goer to join?

The workouts in LLLC are suitable for any fitness levels.I will show you modified, intermediate and advanced options for each exercise I give you (as appropriate) so you’ll never feel like you’re not able to do a workout.

Do I have to buy any supplements in order to join?

No! I do not participate in, or require you to participate in, any MLM marketing. I do not require my clients to buy pills, shakes, magical potions or any other supplements of any kind. If asked, I will give my opinions on protein powders and other supplements, but they are never required as a part of your program.

Will I get a meal plan to follow?

Nope. I don’t use meal plans or food tracking apps. Both tend to keep us stuck in the all or nothing approach to dieting, which is not what I want to cultivate in this group. Instead, I am going to teach you how to feel your hunger cues, how to feel satiated and how to treat yourself daily without any adverse effects on your healthy or your physique. You will have access to the Fueled Physique’s Healthy Shopping List upon joining the program to get you moving in a general direction but it’s more important to me that you love how you eat over following a list or meal plan.

How do I reach you to ask my questions?

I will be in the private Facebook group everyday answering questions, commenting on posts, posting myself and providing you feedback. I’ll be with you every step of the way.