Hey you — How’s it goin?

My guess is that, if you’ve landed on this page, things are going just….ok.

Like mostly fine, but you’re struggling with how much to eat, what to eat, over-snacking, nighttime snacking, cravings, portion control…. all the things! 

Or maybe you feel like you know what to do, you just aren’t doing it, and you can’t figure out why.

All you really want is to look your best, feel your best, and do that without hardcore dieting and cutting out all the carbs and wine and fun.

But that feels like too much to ask….

Well, I have, good news for you, girlfriend!

That is entirely possible and it’s exactly what I’m going to teach you to do in Fully Free 1:1 Coaching.

In this program, we’ll create three specific results:

#1 You’ll stop falling off the wagon every couple of weeks (or days) by learning how to implement personalized strategies that work for YOU. No matter what life throws your way, you’ll be able to stick to your plan because it will really be that simple and it will be customized 100% to you.

#2 You’ll learn how to think about food and your body in a totally different way so you can stick to your plan with a lot more ease and start bringing in those results you’ve been wanting for so long.

#3 You’ll absolutely love the way you feel, the way your clothes fit, and the energy you have because you’ll learn how to eat to fuel your body and enjoy the foods you eat . Food is more than just fuel, my friend, it can (and should) also elicit joy and pleasure.

Fully Free is perfect for you if you want to finally create a healthy lifestyle of nutrition and fitness that’s fun, easy to implement (aka it won’t turn your whole life upside-down), and allows you to maintain your ideal weight pretty effortlessly.


The investment for Fully Free is a one-time payment of $2500 (payment plans available), and let’s be honest – you can’t really put a price on Food Freedom – am I right?!

Hi, I’m Lauren!

I’m the coach women come to once they realize how tired they are of dieting, losing and gaining the same 15 pounds over and over again, feeling guilty about what they eat & how much they eat, and stressing over how much they weigh.

Basically, they’re over it, and are looking for a way out of the food and body obsession.

And I’ve been there, too.

I spent years spinning my wheels trying all the diets, eating as little as possible – which would always result in bingeing – and exercising like crazy, because I thought if I could just lose the weight, I’d be happy.

After years of feeling like I had tried everything and nothing was working, the frustration, the anxiety, and the stress over food and my body became more than I could handle and I knew it had to stop. 

The problem was, I couldn’t bear the thought of starting another diet.

I didn’t want to keep going to bed feeling like a failure and waking up with guilt and anxiety because I couldn’t figure out what was “wrong” with me.

So I decided to take charge.

It was through lots of determination and hard work that I found really simple strategies that led to letting go of my food and body obsession.

Those strategies resulted in losing 20 pounds and maintaining that loss for over six years now, creating an automated nutrition plan that keeps my energy up and my cravings low, and helped me develop a whole lot of self-confidence, self-trust, and self-respect.

And this is the reason Fully Free 1:1 Coaching exists.

I know how hopeless it feels when you wake up and tell yourself “maybe this is as good as it’s going to get” and “I’m just going to be like this forever” when “this” feels like crap.

The way you’re living and feeling now isn’t as good as it gets and you don’t have to feel like this forever.

After coaching hundreds of women over the last decade, I know what the key to your success is.

In Fully Free, I am dedicating myself to YOU for 12 weeks so you can totally transform how you look, feel, and think.

And as a result, your entire life will change for the better.

Click the button below to fill out a quick application for the program and be sure to give me as much detail as possible. After I get your application, we’ll hop on a call together, I’ll ask you some questions, answer all of your questions, and if it’s a HELL YES for both of us, we’ll get you started ASAP!

The Nuts & Bolts:

◾️ Weekly 45 minute phone calls – We’ll stay on the same page in terms of what your goals are and exactly what you need to do to reach them. These calls help you stay accountable, motivated, help you feel like you’re not alone on this journey (cuz no one should be!), and they’ll help me have a pulse on exactly what’s going on for you all the time so I know how to help you best! Between calls, you’ll get daily text support as well so you can get coaching in real time and I can help you navigate any in-the-moment emergencies!

◾️ Customized Nutrition Programming – to help you come up with a long-term strategy that works for you. There isn’t one client plan I’ve create that looks like another. You’re an individual and should be treated as such- cuz to be honest, that’s the only way this stuff works for longer than a few weeks. If you don’t like to cook, I’m not going to ask you to spend hours in the kitchen. If you don’t like broccoli, I’m not gonna tell you to eat broccoli. We’ll come up with a nutrition plan that works for you based off of your preferences, schedule, lifestyle and favorite foods.

◾️ A Virtual Meal Planner – You’ve heard it before: fail to plan, plan to fail. Using the LBC Meal Planner, I’ll be able to see exactly what you’re eating day in, day out, so we can accelerate your results. But don’t worry – this isn’t a strict meal plan where you’re only eating chicken, brussel sprouts, and rice. You’ll absolutely eat chocolate and drink wine (if that’s your thing), you’ll just plan for it ahead of time to take away the food anxiety and guilt! It works like a charm!

Listen- we keep this program SIMPLE, because simple works. You don’t need modules, videos, huge Facebook groups, daily emails or meal plans to be successful – you’ve more than likely tried those kinds of things already. It’s time to see the magic of simplifying and getting laser focused.

At the end of our 3 months together you will:

◾️ Be able to eat foods you LOVE without feeling guilty, without feeling like you’re going to overdo it, and without stressing about how many calories or points it is.

◾️ Have developed simple, new habits that you can stick to without thinking too much about them.

◾️ Feel more confident in your skin and in your clothes – they’ll fit you better than they ever have!

◾️ Be in a really positive head-space, have constructed a routine that works for YOU

◾️ Feel confident in knowing after the program ends you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and maintain your results yourself!

Here’s what my clients have to say:


Want to see more? Click here to check out the full testimonials from past 1:1 clients.

If you are truly ready to make a change, commit to the work, and show up for yourself, (which you clearly are because you wouldn’t still be reading this page if you weren’t), just click below to apply.

I can’t wait to read your application.


Still have questions? Apply anyway! I’ll answer every question you have on our call, but also, read below!


I don’t want to join another program that I’m just going to fail on. How can you make sure I don’t fail?

I know how scary is can be to invest and trust yourself (and trust me) that you have what it takes to get the results you want. While I can’t guarantee your results because I can’t do the work for you, I can promise you that if you stick with it, do everything we plan out and for you, you don’t disappear – meaning you book your calls, connect with me regularly via Slack, and you follow my lead, you will not fail and you will 100% get the results you want.

Will you just make me a meal plan?

Absolutely! But not in the way you might think. I’ll help you learn how to tune into what your body really wants and needs vs just giving you a food list and sending you on your way. Together, we’ll create really simple meal options, so when you’re in a bind or you’ve had a stressful day, you’ll know exactly what to eat to stay on course. I’ll also help you tap into your hunger cues, fullness cues, and help you figure out why you crave the foods you do. Basically, I’ll help you make your nutrition so automated you don’t even have to think about it all that anymore. How awesome is that?!

I don’t like to cook. Do I have to meal prep?

Nope, but it will help! And trust me- I don’t like to cook either so I’ll be giving you all my super quick tips and tricks for getting a whole lot of prep done in as little time as possible and tips on how to stock your kitchen with meals you can make in 10 minutes or less.

Do I have to track everything I eat? I hate those apps.

For the first week of your program you will track what and when you eat. I need that data to know your preferences and patterns. After that, you don’t have to track your food, but it will really help for the first 30 days at least.

I’m a vegetarian. Can you still help me?

Yep. I have a number of clients who prefer to stay away from animal proteins and we still make it work. That’s the beauty of a customized nutrition plan.

How much time per week will this program take? I’m already strapped for time.

On average, about 75 minutes each week between our weekly calls, chatting in Slack, and prepping your meals.