Want the body of your dreams and the mindset to match?

Fuel Your Physique can help you get there in just 90 days.


Fuel Your Physique is your completely comprehensive do-it-yourself fat loss program designed to help people who:

💪Struggle with getting and staying consistent with their nutrition and exercise and just need a simple and effective program to follow

💪Want to shed the excess weight but can’t afford to hire a trainer or coach

💪Want to take the guesswork out of nutrition and exercise when it comes to fat loss

💪Need help finding their forever fat loss solution by changing their bad habits and forming new, simple and sustainable ones.


I‘m Lauren, creator or Fuel Your Physique, and I know exactly how you feel. The frustration, the food anxiety, the “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just freaking do this already?!” thoughts… I’ve been there.  

Years ago I would have done whatever it took to get my body looking the way I wanted it to. I tried every diet out there, practically living in the gym, tracking every calorie, buying supplements that promised results which never came (or never lasted).

Then a few years ago, I had enough. I decided to take charge. It was through lots of trial and error that I found really simple strategies that led to letting go of the obsession with both food and my body. It was SCARY! I wasn’t following meal plans anymore, I wasn’t relying on someone else and their “expert” calculations to tell me exactly how much protein to eat. I was depending on me and vowed to trust myself and my body because nothing else was working.

After coaching literally hundreds of women over the last decade, I know what the key to your success is. I know exactly what it takes to get you that lean, toned, fit and healthy body you deserve, and it’s all here in Fuel Your Physique.

The only catch? You have to be ready to do the work.


How does Fuel Your Physique work?

Fuel Your Physique is split into three parts

1. Get Your Mind Right

2. Fueled Up Fat Loss Nutrition

3. Wicked Workouts

First, you’ll tackle the Get Your Mind Right guide, because in order to have a successful and sustainable fat loss journey the first step is releasing the negative self-talk and limiting self-beliefs because those thoughts are exactly what is holding you back from lasting fat loss success.

Second, you’ll dive into the Fueled Up Fat Loss nutrition guide where you’ll learn about your hunger cues, fullness cues, emotional eating (why you do it and how to stop), macronutrients, servings and portion sizes, and how to optimally build meals geared for fat loss.

Lastly, you’ll get going on your workouts!  Each month you’ll have five new workouts to shake things up and challenge yourself. These workouts aren’t easy, but they’re extremely effective at building muscle, burning fat and giving you a lean, toned look.

What’s Included in Fuel Your Physique?

My GET YOUR MIND RIGHT GUIDE including worksheets to help you:

▪️Overcome negative self-talk and limiting self-beliefs, because we all know lasting change can’t come from a negative place.

▪️Release food guilt and develop a more positive relationship with the foods you love

▪️Learn how to shift your language (both internal and external) about how you speak about yourself, your body and your habits

Fueled Up Fat Loss 101 which will help you:

▪️Identify hunger and fullness cues so you innately know when to eat and when to stop

▪️Identify emotional eating behaviors and patterns so you can put a stop to them once and for all

▪️Descriptions of carbs, fats and proteins so you’ll know which kinds of each macronutrient are optimal for fat loss and how to use them effectively to reach your goals

▪️How to incorporate treats into your everyday lifestyle without negatively affecting your fat loss results

▪️Fueled Up Fat Loss Food Tracker so that you can begin to identify triggers and patterns that may be affecting your fat loss results

19 Strength Training + Cardio-Based Workouts:

▪️Each month includes: 3 strength training workouts + 2 cardio based workouts

▪️4 body part split supplemental workouts so that you can pay a little extra attention to your legs, arms, abs, and or shoulders, chest and back.

▪️Video tutorials for each exercise so that you can be sure you’re staying safe and your form is spot on!


What can you expect from Fuel Your Physique?

💪 You’ll learn fat loss strategies that actually work without cutting out food groups, without tracking every single day and without counting calories

💪 You’ll earn a stronger, toned, leaner body through hitting the gym 3-5 times each week using the workouts provided for you.

💪 You’ll learn to fuel your body by listening to the hunger cues it provides you, because that’s the way to get the body you’ve always wanted.

💪 Learn how to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet, even if they’re not “fat loss friendly” because no food is ever off limits and you can have your cake and eat it, too, and still lose fat!

💪 You’ll practice letting go of food guilt and realize there’s nothing that can’t be undone and nothing we can’t fix.


Grab your copy of Fuel Your Physique for $97 by clicking the button below. When you purchase your copy you’ll get immediate access to the Get Your Mind Right guide, the Fueled Up Fat Loss nutrition guide and the 19 Wicked Workouts. 

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Who is Fuel Your Physique for?

▪️People who have a fat loss goal but can’t afford to hire a personal trainer or coach

▪️People who want to end the confusion around food and just want a simple plan to follow

▪️People who want to start working with their body instead of against it

▪️People who are tired of fighting with the scale and want to experience some ease on their fat loss journey

▪️People who want to learn how to fuel their body and mind with proper nutrition, exercise and thoughts

▪️People who are ready to befriend their body, love how they eat and enjoy exercise.

Who is Fuel Your Physique not for?

▪️Someone looking for a quick fix

▪️Someone who needs a lot of coaching and accountability

▪️Someone who wants an exact meal plan to follow

▪️Someone who doesn’t have a gym membership

▪️Someone who wants extremes in terms of diet and exercise and use negative self-talk as a way to motivate.


Fuel Your Physique will take out all the guesswork. You’ll learn exactly how to eat to fuel your body optimally for fat loss, you’ll know exactly what to do when you step into the gym and you’ll learn how to shift your mindset in a way that supports a healthy, positive and enjoyable fat loss lifestyle.

Fuel Your Physique is the totally comprehensive do-it-yourself program you’ve been waiting for.

Grab your copy HERE!




Do I need a gym membership?

 Yes. This program is geared toward intermediate to advanced gym-goers because it does involve a lot of strength training which requires a gym. I will say though, even if you don’t follow the workouts and have a handle on your own routine, the info in this guide will be extremely beneficial for you, especially if you’re riding the struggle bus on your fat loss journey!

How long will the workouts take?

 The strength training workouts will take anywhere from 45 – 60 minutes. The Cardio Crusher workouts and body part split workouts will be much shorter at about 20-30 minutes.

Does this program include a meal plan?

Nope! I don’t do meal plans, but this guide will teach you how to listen to your body so you’ll know exactly when to eat and how much and it also provides a food list for the best options of protein, fats and carbs to boost your fat loss results.

What if I have a question? How can I reach you?

I’m going to be checking in with you via email every couple of weeks but if you have questions in the meantime, just shoot me an email at info@fueledphysique.com.