Can You Imagine…

What would it feel like if you were totally IN LOVE with your body instead of constantly feeling at war with it?

What if you didn’t feel like you need to hit the reset button every Monday because of how you ate over the weekend?

What if you went to bed every night feeling like a ROCKSTAR instead of feeling guilty and frustrated about your food choices?

What if I told you there was a way to lose fat, build confidence and find a STRESS-FREE AND FUN fat loss lifestyle that works for YOU… forever?

Welcome to Fresh, Fit & Fearless

1:1 Fat Loss Coaching!

Your 24 week one stop shop to help you lose fat for good and feel unbelievably confident in your skin.

What results can you expect from 1:1 coaching?

Does this sound like you?

⭐ You want so badly to lose fat but have tried everything and feel like you’re at your wit’s end.

⭐ You feel uncomfortable in your clothes – they’re a little too snug for your liking.

⭐ Your energy is zapped and you’re running on coffee and very little sleep.

You put everyone first – your kids, your partner, friends, family, co-workers, supervisors, the crazy neighbor down the street who calls you with the neighborhood report at ungodly hours.

⭐ You feel like you’ve tried every diet, every meal plan and every trick in the book but you’re just not getting the results you think you deserve.

⭐ You’re sick of tracking food, counting calories and points and you’re really just tired of food consuming your every thought. 

What I’ll teach you to do in this program get to your fat loss goals with as little craziness as possible. That means no long-term tracking, no counting calories and zero added stress of meal plans. You’ll reconnect with your body, eat when you’re physically hungry, stop when you’re satisfied and carry on with your day- no more frustration or second guessing

You can also expect:

To feel like a freaking BOSS in your skinny jeans
To develop a #PositiveVibesOnly attitude
A hell of a lot more confidence, motivation and drive
To feel fit as a fiddle– that crazy Spin instructor at the gym will have nothing on you!
A coach who is there for you 24/7 and has been in your shoes and knows the exact way to get you OUT of the hole you’re in.

I‘m Lauren, your Fresh, Fit & Fearless coach and believe me when I say I’ve been in your shoes. I over-dieted and over-exercised myself CRAZY. I’m talking hours of cardio, taking two or three trips to the gym every day, trying any diet I could get my hands on, tracking every calorie, buying supplements that promised amazing results…

For years I tried to diet and exercise my body into submission before I finally woke up…

The frustration, the anxiety and the stress over food and my body was more than I could handle anymore and it really had to stop. I couldn’t bear the though of going through another day thinking “Oh my God! I only have 100 calories left!” or the thought of going to bed feeling like a failure and waking up with a ton of guilt because of what I ate the night before. 

So I decided to take charge. It was through lots of trial and error that I found really simple strategies that led to letting go of the obsession with both food and my body. It was SCARY! I wasn’t following meal plans anymore, I wasn’t relying on someone else and their “expert” calculations to tell me exactly how much protein to eat.

I trusted myself and left it all up to my body.

And this is the reason I created Fresh, Fit & Fearless. I know how hopeless it feels when you wake up and tell yourself “this is as good as it’s going to get” and “I’m just going to be like this forever.” Because the way you’re living now isn’t as good as it gets and you don’t have to feel like this forever.

After coaching literally hundreds of women over the last decade, I know what the key to your success is. I know exactly what it takes to get you out of the darkness that is food obsession and body obsession and into the light of food freedom and self-confidence.  

In Fresh, Fit & Fearless I am dedicating myself to YOU for four months and getting you the results you’ve been chasing for so long.

Here’s what you get when you join Fresh, Fit & Fearless:

24/7 text and email access which provide on the stop coaching so we can troubleshoot any obstacle in real time

Customized nutrition programming that will relieve you of any anxiety or confusion about what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat.

Customized mindset training that will help you stop thinking about food 24/7 and obsessing over calories, carbs or points. You’ll feel totally at ease and in control when it comes to deciding what to eat. 

Customized exercise programming that won’t take over your life. You won’t be spending hours in the gym with your program. Instead, you’ll learn why quick n’ dirty is the JAM and learn to love the sweat and the burn!

Bi-weekly 30 minute coaching calls with me where you’ll get a direct, clear, precise action plan negating the feelings on confusion and frustration that other plans leave you with. On these calls you’ll get focused and on target with exactly what to do next each and every week. 

Unlimited motivation, accountability and support because doing work like this alone sucks. We all need someone to keep us going. Someone to hold us to our word and someone to lean on when the going gets tough. I’m going to be that person for you for the next 16 weeks. 

Who is this program for?

Fresh, Fit & Fearless 1:1 Coaching is for women who:

Know what to do, but have a lot of trouble executing. You know what healthy looks like, but you want to shut out all the noise and focus on what YOU need.

Are ready to feel empowered. You’re ready to take massive action and do the work.

 Want to stop the back and forth of doing really well for a week or a month at a time only to fall apart and lose all your results.

Don’t know what to do next. You’ve tried everything. You feel like you’re doing everything right, but you have an inkling that maybe there’s something you’re missing. You’ll work very closely with me to figure out exactly what that missing link is.

Fresh, Fit & Fearless 1:1 Coaching is NOT for women who:

Are not willing to do the work. I put a lot of work and time into each client during this program and I want you in it with me 100%. I can’t want this more than you do.

Want to follow a meal plan and be told what to eat and when and aren’t willing to learn and reconnect with their body.

”Don’t do the mindset stuff.” The way you think about food and your body is the key to your lasting success. There’s no way around that, so if you “don’t do mindset stuff” we won’t be a good fit.

Aren’t willing to show up for their calls, aren’t going to reach out to me, aren’t going to do the worksheets I provide you and are going to pretty much fall off the face of the Earth.

 What My Clients Are Saying

This program requires your 100% commitment to bettering your life and I only work with women who are READY. TO. ROCK.

(That means no flaking out, no disappearing. That means you show up for me and I show up for you 100%)

If you’re serious about changing your life (mind & body) click below to apply. I’ll contact you within 48 hours so we can talk about your goals and how I can help you get to where you want to be.

Here’s the thing…

You’ve tried to go it alone before. You’ve bought the diet books, you’ve paid for the meal plans and exercise programs, maybe you’ve even jumped on the supplement train and tried living on shakes and vitamins to get you long term results…I did that stuff, too!

But now it’s time to do something different- something that WORKS!

NOW is the time to get the ball rolling on your fat loss journey.

If you think this program is for you, click the button below and schedule a call so I can answer any and all of your questions about the program and to make sure it’s a good fit.

The investment for Fresh, Fit & Fearless 1:1 coaching is $399/month or a one-time payment of $2100

Remember, when you invest you’ll get weekly phone calls and emails, text access to Lauren Monday through Friday, customized nutrition planning, customized exercise programming, access to Living Lean Lifestyle Club and the opportunity to work with a coach who has been in your shoes.

But let’s be honest. The best part of saying YES to yourself and jumping on board is the complete mindset shift you have the opportunity to make. No more stressing about food, feeling like this is easy, and FINALLY getting the restuls you’ve been chasing all these years.

Don’t sell yourself short. If you really want this, LET’S DO IT!