Do you feel like you’re addicted to sugar?

Like once you start eating cookies or chocolate, you just can’t stop?

You know you need to get some control back, you just don’t know what to do about it.

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How would it feel if you could:

  • Pick and choose which indulgences are really worth it and leave what isn’t worth it without feeling deprived?
  • Keep any food in your house without feeling like you need to finish all of it ASAP?
  • Be educated on the foods you’re eating, their ingredients and become discerning about what you choose to put in your body?
  • Surf the urge to eat sugar, ride that craving out and stop taking the easy way out by impulsively choosing to eat sugar?

That’s exactly what you can learn to do with my 5 Steps to Conquering Your Sugar Cravings Guide!

Grab your FREE copy of the 5 Steps to Conquering Your Sugar Cravings Here

Sugar is tricky.

We seek out sugar for comfort, pleasure and joy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Food is meant to be enjoyed. However, when we find ourselves always reaching for the sweet stuff because we’re feeling bored, insecure, nervous, worried, anxious, lonely, disconnected or frustrated, we can run into some trouble.

If you’re struggling with sugar and cravings, I want you to know that I completely get where you’re coming from! I’m not just standing up on my Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist soapbox spitting out info I learned in my courses. I’ve lived in the sugar struggle, too.

I’m Lauren, the creator of your 5 Steps to Conquering Your Sugar Cravings Guide.

Years ago I realized that food, more specifically sugar, was my go-to for comfort, for filling a void, for avoiding “bad” feelings. Feeling sad or lonely? Cookie! Stressed? Pop-Tarts! Angry? Ice cream!

It felt like sugar wasn’t safe around me and I wasn’t safe around sugar.

But what I came to learn through lots of reading and soul searching was that all this time I felt like I had no control over sugar, I actually was in complete control! It was 100% up to me how much I ate, what I ate, and why I ate. That was so incredibly empowering!

Today, I definitely enjoy a few Oreo’s here and there (#doublestuffedFTW) and I love me a bulk candy store, but I don’t overdo it. I’ve gotten good at deciding what’s worth it and what’s not, and I know if I’m feeling some kind of way, sugar isn’t the cure.

And this is what I want to help you accomplish in this guide!

In this free download, you’ll use my 5-step Conquer Your Sugar Cravings System to get your control back over sugar without have to swear it off all together.

I’ll guide you through how to your kitchen with high qualities sweets, because when you #TreatYoSelf, it better be worth it!

You’ll get familiar with food labels and how much hidden sugar is in the foods you might be using everyday!

We’ll talk about liquid calories and how those can be sabotaging your health without you even realizing it.

I’ll help you get to the bottom of what causes you to crave the sweet stuff in the first place and learn how to shift your habits to avoid overindulging.

Grab your FREE copy of the 5 Steps to Conquering Your Sugar Cravings Here