When to Say “When”

The temperature has been dropping here in Boston and when I got to the gym yesterday my motivation was at zero.  Every Monday morning I teach spin then after work I usually go into the gym to lift.  When I got to the gym I was exhausted so I headed into the sauna to warm up and took an unplanned 20 minute nap (not recommended!).  After … Read More

The Best Exercises For Fat Loss (plus two workouts!)

Deadlifts Squats Lunges/Step-Ups Bench Press/Chest Press Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups If fat loss is your goal you need to focus on the heavy hitters.  The exercises listed above give you the most bang for your buck because they work multiple muscle groups at once. You’ll get much better results from hitting these exercises a few times a week rather than focusing on smaller muscle … Read More

Fat Loss: Looking at the bigger picture

If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re worrying about what you put in your coffee or you’re regretting the 4 Reese’s peanut butter cups you ate from the office candy jar, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Focusing on the little details isn’t going to help to get you where you want to be if you have weight to lose. Leave the small details to the … Read More

Three Steps Towards Being More Confident

1. Stop Saying “Sorry” Think about a time you went out to eat and when your meal came out, it didn’t come out as you ordered it.  The waiter comes over to check on your food and you say something like “oh I’m sorry but I ordered this without cheese. Sorry!”  What are you sorry for?  You’re just asking that the meal you are paying … Read More

How To Be A Good Workout Partner

There are so many advantages to working out with a gym buddy.  They can help you lift heavier, push harder, squeeze out a few more reps, or at the very least, make you show up for a workout that you wouldn’t have otherwise.  After having some great training partners, and some not so great, here are a few tips for … Read More

The Fueled Physique Healthy Foods List

When a client comes to me asking for nutrition help, the first thing I’ll send them is this list.  It includes all super healthy choices so they can grab and go when they’re going to the grocery store on their weekly shopping trip.  It is not all inclusive and I do tell all my clients they can and should eat … Read More

How To Eat Healthy When Traveling

In my pre-personal trainer life I worked in an office and I had to travel pretty frequently.  I remember thinking how traveling always threw me off my nutrition game because I couldn’t batch cook and meal prep the way I would at home and I would make less than ideal choices when it came to what I ate out of convenience.  … Read More

Get A Killer Core Workout At Home!

If you don’t have gliders at home (because who does) you can use paper plates or hand towels. You can do 3×20 of the first two exercises and for the third, do as many as you can or as many as you have space for…they’re tough! Enjoy!

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

“Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”  I love this quote (and the turtle 😉 ). This idea is everything when it comes to weight loss. I want to share some numbers with you.  This chart shows a clients weight loss progress over a three month period. Of course it can be debated about whether or not the scale is … Read More

My Kitchen Short Cuts

When I need a quick meal or snack, these are my short cuts that are super tasty, filling and satisfying 🙂 Shredded Chicken I make this every week.  I cook a few chicken breasts in a crockpot with chicken broth on low for 3 hours and voilà! It’s done!  I add this chicken to everything throughout the week.  Rice, salad, stir … Read More

How Did I Lose Weight? I Stopped Caring About Food.

…Sounds kind of strange coming from a personal trainer and nutritionist huh? 😉 I’m currently holding on to a 20 pound weight loss.  I didn’t count one calorie, I didn’t examine nutrition labels, I didn’t count macros or follow a meal plan, I didn’t worry about getting enough protein, I didn’t follow any rules and I certainly did not restrict … Read More

Body Weight Workout

Here’s a super quick workout that requires zero equipment! Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each and go through 3 times.  You’ll be done in 20 minutes! Jumping Jacks Plank Jacks High Knees Mountain Climbers Wide to Narrow Pushups Squat Jumps Shoulder Taps Alternating Leg Drops Side Skaters Plyo Lunge (right) Plyo Lunge (left) Alternating Curtsey Squats Bicycle Crunches

My Favorite Exercises: Abs Edition

Overhead Crunch Grab a barbell and lie flat on the floor.  Bring your legs up to 90*.  Reach the bar as far back as is comfortable then crunch up and reach the bar towards your toes.  Return back down slowwwwwly as possible keeping your back completely flat on the floor and returning the bar back to start and repeat. Side … Read More

My Favorite Exercises: Glutes Edition

You can load any of these exercises any way you’d like.  Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells or body weight will work. Bulgarian Split Squat Place one foot on a bench behind you.  Lower your back knee down towards the floor.  Once your reach the bottom position, push up through your front heel and squeeze your glutes at the top. Hip Thrust Lie … Read More