You need a reset. You need to get your nutrition back on track. You’re sick of feeling fatigued. You just don’t know what to do about it.



❌You know you don’t want to do another juice cleanse– that left you hangry and exhausted.

❌You know you don’t want to do another cleanse– who wants to spend all that time in the bathroom?!

❌You also don’t want to cut out carbs, cuz carbs are life!


Enter the 5-Day NUTRITION REVIVAL Jumpstart!

This 5-day Nutrition Revival Jumpstart is all about getting back to basics, upping your energy, making your skin glow, curbing those cravings and maybe losing a few pounds in the process!


In this free download, you’ll find:

✔️Simple & easy food prep tips. You’ll be fueling up with real, whole foods you can find at your local grocery store- no extra supplements required. My simple tips will ensure you’ll have simple, Nutrition Revival Approved, grab n’ go meals at the ready 24/7!

✔️Two Nutrition Revival Smoothie recipes. Each day of this challenge you’re going to mix up a bunch of fruits and veggies so you can get that much-needed nutrient boost! These smoothies are taste tested by me and they all take less than 5 minutes to throw together (less if you chop some ingredients ahead of time!).

✔️A day-by-day checklist so you can make sure you’re hitting your produce, protein and water goals each and every day of the program.



Hi! I’m Lauren, founder of Fueled Physique and creator of your 5-day Nutrition Revival Jumpstart! I created this program because I know all too well the feelings of needing a reset. Whether it’s after a vacation, after the holidays or just feeling like you’re in a nutrition rut, this program hast the potential to turn all of that around!

My coaching philosophy is all about keeping things as simple as possible so you can get amazing results and keep them and that’s exactly what you’re going to find in the 5-day Nutrition Revival Jumpstart! I’m so excited for you to have the program in your back pocket whenever you need a healthy push in the right direction!