The #1 Reason DIETING is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

We start dieting because we want the solution to weight loss.

Any popular diet, be it Weight Watchers, 21 Day Fix, Whole 30, etc, provides a black and white, “do this, not that,” “eat this, not that” control mechanism which is supposed to help us get to our goals. Control mechanisms like a points system, a certain calorie bracket or pre-determined portion control containers and a food lists that we are allowed and not allowed to eat.

This is exactly how we get sucked in! Diets make it seemingly easy. All we have to do is follow the plan, and we’ll get the results. And sure, that can certainly be true. If we follow any diet which cuts our calories or cuts out food groups, naturally we’ll lose weight.

The problem is, most people that come to me for coaching come to me because they can’t keep the weight off.

And here’s why: There’s one thing diets have in common which is literally killing any sort of chance we have at keeping results for the long term.

It’s the reason why, even though we’re on a diet, weekends feel so hard to stay on track.

It’s the reason why, even though we’re on a diet, we suddenly feel that magnetic pull to the popcorn.

It’s the reason why, even though we’re on a diet, we can’t stay away from the food table at a party and leave feeling stuffed.

It’s because every popular diet out there has some element of restriction.

Think about it…

  • In Weight Watchers we get a certain number of points
  • 21 Day Fix has an approved food list where pizza, chips, popcorn, wine, etc is nowhere to be seen, plus a calorie bracket to stick to and set portion sized for each food group
  • Whole 30 cuts out dairy, legumes, sugar, alcohol and any “junk food”

But when it comes to lasting weight loss, we don’t need to do anything of this, because when we do, we rebound.

That’s why so many people do Weight Watchers three, four, five, six times- because they can get that initial drop, but eventually get tired of tracking and counting and thinking about every single thing they eat and if it’s too man points or not.

That’s why people do so many rounds of the 21 day fix- because it doesn’t actually fix anything.

Yet we keep going back, time and time again because we don’t trust ourselves anymore if we don’t have that point system or forbidden foods list to keep us in line.

Whenever someone tells me “No but it really does work!” my question is- if it really worked, would you still be struggling or doing another round of the same diet…again?”

Of course not! You’d be good to go after a round or two, learn the lifestyle and be good to go.

The problem is, we think there’s something wrong with US when a diet doesn’t work longer than a few weeks.

But the reason why people keep falling on and off the wagon or why they keep trying diet after diet is because they’re not approaching weight loss as a lifestyle shift. They don’t think about if or how a diet will fit in with their lifestyle or not. They don’t think about the bigger picture. It’s just about what will get them results…fast.

Ultimately dieting is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.Because dieting is so rigid, we don’t learn how to make it fit for US, and don’t allow ourselves the flexibility needed to make it work for the long term.

So if you’re thinking of going back on the same old program again, or are considering cutting out entire food groups to lose weight, I want you to try something different first- and yes, you can still get pretty amazing results right off the bat!

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