Welcome to The Fueled Physique!

The Fueled Physique is a lifestyle brand all about helping women feel empowered around food, in the gym and in their everyday lives. 

I’m Lauren, founder of Fueled Physique, and it’s my hope is that through this website you’ll find simple strategies for overcoming any obstacle that may be preventing you from living your healthiest life. I share lots of tips and tricks for breaking through barriers when it comes to fitness and nutrition. 


My purpose is to help women learn sustainable fat loss methods that work for THEM. You won’t find any cookie cutter programs here.  Each of my clients gets a customized approach to fat loss.

I also teach my clients the value of self-love.  You can’t have a successful and sustainable fat loss journey without a lotta love for YOU.

Lastly, I make myself highly accessible to my clients so they never feel like they’re going it alone.  I want to be with you every step of the way.

Each week I send out a newsletter to my #FueledFam where I share all my best tips, tricks, insights and strategies. You’ll also be first in line to hear about any new programs I’m rolling out and I have some great stuff in the works that you won’t want to miss. Click the purple button below to join the #FueledFam!